A new algorithm to create a profile for users of web site benefiting from web usage mining

masomeh khabazfazli, ali harounabadi, shahram jamali


Upon integration of internet and its various applications and increase of internet pages, access to information in search engines becomes difficult. To solve this problem, web page recommendation systems are used. In this paper, recommender engine are improved and web usage mining methods are used for this purpose. In recommendation system, clustering was used for classification of users’ behavior. In fact, we implemented usage mining operation on the data related to each user for making its movement pattern. Then, web pages were recommended using neural network and markov model. So, performance of recommendation engine was improved using user’s movement patterns and clustering and neural network and Markov model, and obtained better results than other methods. To predict the data recovery quality on web, two factors including accuracy and coverage were used


Web Page Recommendation; Web Mining; Web Usage Mining; Clustering; Neural Network; markov model

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