Analysis of the "Heroes of the Storm"

Shuo Xiong, He Zahi, Long Zuo, Mingyang Wu, Hiroyuki Iida


Game refinement is a unique theory that has been used as a reliable tool for measuring the attractiveness and sophistication of the games considered. The refinement measures were derived from game information progress model and have been applied in various types of games. This paper focuses on the game refinement theory and its application to a MOBA game “Heroes of the Storm” (HOS), which was produced by Blizzard Entertainment in 2014. Furthermore, we evaluate the measurement for different maps of HOS. Experimental results show that a game refinement value of HOS was between 0:08~0.1 for which previous works have confirmed.


Game refinement theory; Heroes of the Storm; MOBA

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Multi player online battle arena, online battle arena

DotA, Heroes of the Storm, of the Storm

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