Challenges of Electronic Voting - A Survey

Aboubakr Ebrahim Elewa, Abdelwahab AlSammak, Alaa AbdElRahman, Tarek ElShishtawy


Electronic Voting (e-Voting) is the most important application in e-Government and e-Democracy. Thanks to the rapid growth in the use of computers and advances in cryptography, it is a serious push for e-Voting because many people already have access to the Internet. e-Voting can be the fastest, cheapest, and most effective way to administer the election, count the votes, and report the results. The main purpose of this paper is to highlight the major challenges facing e-Voting systems, introduce different ideas to face those challenge from different countries, and to explore the advantages and disadvantages of those ideas. Each of the challenges presented in this paper must be taken into account in crafting a legal framework for e-Voting to prevent harm before balloting is concluded.


Electronic Voting; e-Voting; e-Voting Requirements; e-Voting Challenges; Anonymity; Privacy

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